Pressurized fluid tank for paint (10 lt.)


Perfect for use of big quantity of product. 

Suggested  for  wood  industry, carpentry,  industrial painting,  for the application of vinyl and neoprene glues,tar, abrasive pastes and liquids.   

Considering the dimensions the product can be poured directly into the receiver or placed inside its own container to avoid cleaning.   

No special maintenance requirements. 


Safety valve and product pressure regulator

Coupling for 1 spraying gun

Material outlet on the lower part of receiver, for thick products
Cover:   aluminum, surface treated with black
  cataphoresis, closure with 4 tie-rods
Fittings and internal components:     stainless steel
Receiver: steel, treated with black cataphoresis
Air and product outlet: 1/4 M fitting  
Receiver capacity:    10 lt. 
Weight:  14,5 kg.

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