The  hose  reels  rewind  automatically  the  hose  by  a  spring  located  in  the  drum.

The hose can be stopped at the desired length. The stainless steel structure is moulded and resistent to chemical products and detergents.

The inner components of the hose reel and those which go in contact with the fluid are produced by a special plastic composite material.

The incorporated revolving support allows the orientation of the hose reels in order to guide its direction.

The hose reels are supplied and completed with the distribution polyurethane hose reinforced with a textile braid. This distribution hose is available with two different diameters. Furthermore these models are supplied with an additional connecting flexible hose 1 meter long.

Polyurethane hose



Hose for compressed air and hot water - detergents 

70°C max 

Max pressure: 20 BAR       

Weight:  6 Kg.         


ITEM                             INLET mm OUTLET Bsp
BX17GPX15M8-12  Ø 8 3/8" M  8 x 12 15 m / 50 ft 750 NL/min
BX17GPX12M10-14  Ø 10 3/8" M 10 x 14 12 m / 40 ft 1080 NL/min

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